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MIAMI, FL– Oct 3, 2011 (The Cuban Art Project) – Miami musician, Jesp, has released his sophomore musical endeavor, entitled Step Into the Dark, which is currently available for sale on all iTunes markets worldwide, as well as Amazon, Spotify, and many more . The six tracks featured on the EP showcase Jesp’s innovativeness and progression as an artist.  “The record is a profound look into my current music production tastes and trends. The title ‘Step Into the Dark’ references nightlife, desire, and themes of apocalypse,” states Jesp, born Joseph Espinoza.

This next stop in Jesp’s musical journey gives his steady stream of followers and new listeners alike a deeper insight into exactly what inspires him. “It is important to add that the city of Miami, its tropical setting, its nightlife and its one-of-a-kind inhabitants play a big role in this sound,” says Jesp.

Positive reviews from fans and peers in the music industry continue to pour in for tracks such as “Just Believe It,” an uplifting, momentous track with classic Jesp synth pop elements, and “Vapor,” the steamy, sticky new single for the EP. “It’s About Time” is a track Jesp made while living in Brooklyn, and is the darkest of all tracks on the EP.  “This song captures my vision of the direction I see modern pop music going.” The EP ends with a bang as ’11:11′ melts faces with its slamming 808′s, searing electric piano riffs, and alien ‘morse code’ arpeggios.

Joseph’s passion for music began at the young age of 13, after which he went on to form local cult band Outereach. After spending time playing countless shows with the group in Gainesville, Fl, Joseph went on to pursue his craft at Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he formed ‘a powerful, complex, Rush-inpired prog rock trio’, entitled Kronrider.

Upon graduating from Berklee, he returned to his hometown and began his transformation into Jesp, a moniker which came from a default abbreviation of his name assigned to him while using music sequencing software. Jesp released his first album, Heart Rhythm, in 2009, and then began production on Step Into the Dark in 2010.

For more information on Jesp and his latest release, Step Into the Dark, please contact Pablo Reyes at

To preview or purchase the EP, visit iTunes at


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