AERIN The New Fragrance Collection

The AERIN Fragrance Collection_Ad Image_SP

“The effect of scent is really interesting; It can create a mood and change a feeling immediately. I wanted to create a modern wardrobe of fragrances – fragrances that can be very personal to the woman who’s wearing them.”

– Aerin Lauder, Founder and Creative Director, AERIN


AERIN introduces a collection of fragrances based on emotion, lifestyle, and aspiration. Encapsulating different expressions of this spirit in five separate scents, the AERIN fragrance collection is the most personal and intimate expression of Aerin’s life and memories. Whether evoking the feeling of sunshine on a long walk on the beach or the cozy peacefulness of a quiet retreat in the mountains, each fragrance tells its own story. Playful, modern, and stylish, the AERIN Fragrance Collection provides an escape to experience something different with each fragrance.

Created with the finest ingredients and carefully curated by Aerin, each of the five fragrances bottles represents an aspect of AERIN. The five distinct scents – Gardenia Rattan, Amber Musk, Lilac Path, Ikat Jasmine, and Evening Rose – are luxuriously personal.


The AERIN Fragrance Collection is the perfect addition to the world of AERIN, exuding the beautifully feminine and modern aesthetic of its founder. The packaging draws inspiration from Aerin’s everyday life and is inspired by natural elements such as stones and flowers. The chic rectangular bottle is adorned with a beautiful gem-like stone in a pretty and soft pastel shade specific to each fragrance. The bottle includes golden touches true to the AERIN signature style. Each fragrance is housed in a carton featuring an exclusive AERIN for Lee Jofa design, reflecting each fragrance’s individual story.

The lead advertising image was shot by photographer and friend Claiborne Swanson Frank. Including elements of ease, heritage, and modernity, the photograph features Aerin in Palm Beach wearing a beautiful floral dress by Valentino.
The AERIN Fragrance Collection will be available beginning November 2013 at select retailers and online at and Esté Fragrances sold separately. Suggested retail price: $110.00 for 50ml.


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