Affluents’ Lifestyles Are Technology-enabled And Media-infused

innovativelyorganizedAffluent lifestyles today are technology-enabled and media-infused. In recent years, their ownership of mobile devices went from niche to mainstream with unprecedented speed, and their overall use of digital media continues to rise.

At the same time, Affluent use of traditional media such as television and print are down only modestly, resulting in an overall increase in their engagement with media brands more broadly. Although Affluents describe their lives as busy and multitasking, there are no signs of satiation in their hunger for content and connectivity. The 10 takeaways below highlight the integral role of digital media in Affluent lives and lifestyles.

  • Internet (and Google) use essentially universal: 99%+ use the Internet, and 93% used Google search in the past 30 days.
  • Time online is rising: Affluents now average 41.6 hours online weekly – up 27% from 2011 – with strong growth for sites devoted to social media, streaming entertainment, shopping, travel, and branded/curated content sites.
  • Mobile devices are proliferating: 41% personally own tablets, up from just 9% in 2011; 63% have a smartphone, up from 45% in 2011.
  • Technology has become indispensable: 74% describe their lives as intertwined with technology, and many consider their devices extremely or very difficult to live without (70% of laptop owners, 66% of smartphone owners, and 33% of tablet owners).
  • Affluent media use takes no holidays: In the past year, three-fourths of Affluents took a smartphone on vacation, and nearly half took a tablet or laptop. The list of digital activities done while on past-year vacations is extensive, with a majority checking personal email (75%), checking the weather (72%), getting maps/directions (66%), and keeping up with the news (57%).
  • TV has gone high-tech: While Affluent viewership of traditional TV is declining 3-4% per year, Affluent TVs are increasingly connected: to video game consoles (60%), to the Internet (40%), and to streaming media devices (18%). In addition, 56% watched video on an “alternative platform” (computer, smartphone or tablet) in the past seven days.

Multi-screen multi-taskers: A majority of Affluents describe themselves as using their laptops, tablets and smartphones constantly or regularly while watching television, and 51% have engaged with social media about a TV program while watching that program.

Technology continues reshaping retail. Two-thirds have “show-roomed” (searching merchandise prices/availability digitally while in a retail store), and one-in-five do so regularly. In addition, Affluents expect to make a majority of their holiday purchases digitally.

“Tech-enthusiasts” are a large segment: In most categories, about one-fifth of Affluent consumers are enthusiasts and/or high-end shoppers. For the technology category, this figure is twice as high – for example, 42% agree, “I try to keep up with technological developments.”

Technology is the new aspirational luxury: Mass Affluent purchasing of traditional luxury brands drove the luxury boom of the mid-2000s. Today, technology, and particularly the constantly-evolving mobile devices, meet the needs of aspirational luxury shopping experiences. Across a dozen categories examined, technology has by far the largest number of Affluents who “typically buy high-end or luxury” offerings.


Stephen Kraus is SVP, Chief Insights Officer, Audience Measurement Group, Ipsos MediaCT, author of three books on affluence and success in America.


OnlineSpin: How To Retain Your Top Performers

Last week Matt wrote “Confessions Of A Citizen Journalist.”Thomas O’Toole wrote in response, “Agree with nearly all of this, and I enthusiastically agree with your points about (1) the need to refrain from criticism and (2) the need to refrain from humor.These are hard areas to resist, but I feel that humor and criticism both clearly impaired my early blogging efforts.I disagree somewhat with your thoughts about web design. In my subject area (law), there are many great but ugly blogs.”

Monday, Oct. 7, 2013 
How To Retain Your Top Performers 
By Matt Straz

The market for salespeople, account managers and engineers is so fierce today that recruiters, startups and established companies are all trying to attract the best talent. How will you retain your top performers in the face of such competition?The key is to build a culture and process that naturally repels your competitors. Here are 10 steps for building a company that can retain its top employees:1. Have a compelling mission. The best employees today want more than a job: They want something they can believe in. Attract and retain the best people with a mission they can rally around.2. Identify your top performers: Any company with more than a few dozen employees needs a system for identifying and managing its top performers. Modern performance management systems can help you track your best and brightest.

3. Solicit ongoing feedback. Annual reviews are fine, but hanging onto your talent requires frequent feedback. Regular engagement with employees, including online feedback and in-person coaching, is essential.

4. Head off compensation issues. Don’t wait for compensation to be an issue for your top performers. Get ahead of such issues with salary increases, option grants and other forms of compensation.

5. Set ambitious goals. Retaining top people isn’t just about giving them everything they want. Great employees need to be constantly challenged, or they will get bored and leave.

6. Hire well. Great employees want to work alongside other great employees. Keep you hiring standards high, no matter how much pressure there is to grow.

7. Lead by example. No manager or CEO ever inspired people by sitting behind a desk all day. Get out among your employees and customers and lead by example.

8. Go the extra mile. A personal touch is essential to building true loyalty. Going out of your way to champion people who are doing a great job and helping them when they have an occasional personal issue shows that you have a human side.

9.Communicate. The more open you are with your top performers, the more they will want to help. Sharing revenue goals or fundraising milestones can give everyone a shared sense of purpose.

10. Loosen up. Relaxing dress codes and letting people be themselves is key to attracting and retaining today’s most innovative employees.

Matt Straz was a senior partner at MEC from 2002-2008. He is currently the CEO of Namely. 

Online Spin for Monday, Oct. 7, 2013:

Digital Media, Technology Spend To Hit $1 Trillion This Year


by Mark Walsh
Consumer spending on digital media content and technology is expected to grow 12% to $1 trillion this year. Driving that growth is the widespread adoption of smartphones and broadband Internet, as well as a growing middle class in emerging markets like Brazil, India and China. …Read the whole story >>
by Laurie Sullivan
Turner Broadcasting System became the latest Adobe Primetime customer Tuesday, furthering its adoption of video technology to power new TNT and TBS apps and Web sites. The deal gives television viewers more content from AdultSwim, Cartoon Network, truTV, and NBA League Pass in the near future. …Read the whole story >>
by Mark Walsh
Brand marketing budgets in mobile have grown 142% in the last two years, according to a new study releasedTuesday by the Interactive Advertising Bureau. Three-quarters (74%) of respondents expect their mobile advertising spend will grow in the next two years — a percentage that is similar to 2011. …Read the whole story >>
by Laurie Sullivan
AOL, Microsoft and Yahoo want the industry to adopt programmatic premium ad buying, so the trio will create a common set of application programming interface (API) specs that automates the ad-buying process for online ads. The move aims to automate systems that make premium ad inventory more accessible. …Read the whole story >>
by Mark Walsh
With location-based technology playing a growing role in mobile marketing, the Mobile Marketing Association on Wednesday released a new guide outlining the technologies, metrics, and strategies being used in the location space. The document, introduced at the MMA’s annual SM2 conference in New York, is divided into three sections. …Read the whole story >>
by Gavin O’Malley
Magna Consortium charter members say getting brands onboard remains difficult. There also remains a widely held fear that automation equates to lower-quality inventory. Magna’s initiative is to utilize data and technology to automate the media-buying process for Interpublic and its brand clients. …Read the whole story >>
by Laurie Sullivan
Digital advertising will account for 22.7% of all worldwide ad investments this year, or about $117.60 billion — up 13% compared with 2012, according to estimates from eMarketer and Starcom MediaVest Group. In 2014, digital ads will account for 24.4% of all global ad dollars spent. …Read the whole story >>
by Wendy Davis
PointRoll has promised to shed cookies it collected from Safari users in order to settle allegations that it circumvented their privacy settings, according to court papers. PointRoll will issue a public mea culpa stating that its Safari data-collection was “not consistent with best industry practices.” …Read the whole story >>
by Staff Report
OMMA’s first-ever all-female jury women took the stage Monday night to present the 8th Annual OMMA Awards in New York City. In another first, each of the jurors co-presented with young female proteges, including new industry pros and recent college graduates looking to enter the advertising industry. …Read the whole story >>


Twitter Profiting From TV With No Content Costs

by David Goetzl
This is not a new thesis. Credit would be given, but there is no memory of who promulgated it. So, so-and-so, hopefully will simply appreciate the appreciation here. The thought: how lucky Twitter is to profit from free content. Think about it. Twitter is essentially betting much of its future on serving as a hub for conversation about TV. …Read the whole story


by Mark Walsh
Video ads are coming to Facebook. The social network plans to ask up to $2.5 million a spot for a daylong run of TV-style ads that play automatically in users’ news feeds. Nielsen findings show Facebook has reach comparable to or higher than that of the four TV broadcast networks during the day. …Read the whole story
by Sarah Mahoney
As seismic healthcare and demographic changes swirl through the U.S., drug retailers are looking to get a bigger share of spending, with both RiteAid and Walgreens announcing major marketing initiatives. …Read the whole story
by David Goetzl
As Time Warner Cable and CBS continue to extend deadlines that could lead to lengthy station blackouts in large markets, darkness continues for stations owned by Journal Communications on TWC systems. Since July 25, affiliates in Milwaukee, Omaha and Green Bay have been off the air in homes served by the cable operator as a payment dispute ensues. …Read the whole story
by Wayne Friedman
Crown Media’s Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movie Channel advertising revenue grew at a low single-digit percentage in the second quarter. Advertising sales for the two cable TV networks was up 3% to $67.6 million. …Read the whole story
by David Goetzl
The National Association of Broadcasters reacted angrily Tuesday to a trade group’s assertion that only 7% of U.S. TV homes get their signals solely via an antenna. The NAB cited research showing the figure is closer to 20%. …Read the whole story
by Laurie Sullivan
Attempting to solve one of marketing’s biggest dilemmas, Datorama has closed a $3 million Series A funding round. The investment, led by Cedar Fund and supported by Eric Schmidt’s investment firm Innovation Endeavors, will support advancements in cross-channel marketing. …Read the whole story
by Erik Sass
Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia reported that revenues fell 11.9% from $47.9 million in the second quarter of 2012 to $42.2 million in the second quarter of 2013, as an increase in merchandising revenues was offset by decreases in publishing and broadcasting. …Read the whole story
by Wayne Friedman
With its big NBA post-season package of games coming in the summertime period, ABC ranks first in all key viewing categories so far this summer period. CBS is leading in total viewers — nearly 5.4 million. …Read the whole story


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SocialMediaMarketingDaily: Hooray! Facebook Is Back Where It Started

by Erik Sass
This week brought what might be termed “sorta good news”: GDP grew faster than expected in the second quarter, albeit at a still fairly pathetic pace, and Facebook’s stock price has finally returned to around $38 ($37.43 at the time of writing) — right back where it started with the social network’s IPO in May 2012. Yay? …Read the whole story


by Mark Walsh
Video ads are coming to Facebook. The social network plans to ask up to $2.5 million a spot for a daylong run of TV-style ads that play automatically in users’ news feeds. Nielsen findings show Facebook has reach comparable to or higher than that of the four TV broadcast networks during the day. …Read the whole story
by Sarah Mahoney
As seismic healthcare and demographic changes swirl through the U.S., drug retailers are looking to get a bigger share of spending, with both RiteAid and Walgreens announcing major marketing initiatives. …Read the whole story
by Karlene Lukovitz
Arby’s recently ran one of its largest social media/mobile-based games initiatives to date — with exceptional results, according to the brand and its platform partner for the initiative, MediaBrix. …Read the whole story
by Laurie Sullivan
Fresh off the management-led buyout from Dentsu, IgnitionOne appoints John Ragals Global COO to leverage his expertise in agency relationships and technology strategies. Most recently chief of network development for Dentsu Network, Ragal was formerly 360i COO. …Read the whole story
by Laurie Sullivan
Attempting to solve one of marketing’s biggest dilemmas, Datorama closed a $3 million Series A funding round it will use to build out its cross-channel marketing platform. …Read the whole story
by Gavin O’Malley
While the enthusiasm for “Shark Week” now borders on farce, there is nothing silly about the ad frenzy surrounding Discovery’s annual event. Celebrating its 26th anniversary, this year, Discovery is planning to refresh its week-long homage to shark shock with a big social media push. …Read the whole story
by Laurie Sullivan
Some 71% of marketers said data integration delivers more relevant messages to segmented audiences, 68% attribute a rise in clicks and traffic, and 63% cite more efficient media buying and planning. Quantifying the value of the data remains the biggest challenge for marketers. …Read the whole story


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Instagram Adding Video and Much More!

Instagram Adding Video?
Tech Crunch
Later this week, Facebook will reportedly add a video feature to Instagram. “On June 20, a source says Facebook will unveil that Instagram … will begin to let people also take and share short videos,” TechCrunch reports. “Call it the Vine effect,” it adds, referring to Twitter’s popular video-snippet-sharing service.

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Microsoft Bowing Windows 8 Ad Format
Ad Age
Microsoft today is expected to debut new native ad formats for Windows 8 “The new ads … will revisit what a banner can be on Windows 8 devices, whether they’re desktop computers, tablets or mobile phones,” AdAge reports. The ads were apparently developed with the help of brands and agencies, including All Saints, Dell, Universal McCann and VML.

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Yahoo Could Pay $50M For Qwiki
All Things D
With no end in sight to its shopping spree, Yahoo is reportedly close to dropping as much as $50 million on app maker Qwiki. Born as a multimedia search offering, Qwiki has recently gained traction with an iPhone app that lets users turn their photos, music and videos into short movies. “We want to be the first real storytelling app,” Qwiki CEO Doug Imbruce told AllThingsD in February.

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Digg Preps RSS Aggregation Service
Remember Digg? The social news pioneer, which was acquired by Betaworks last year for a half million dollars, is preparing to launch a very Google Reader-like service. Opportunistically, “It looks like it’ll arrive just ahead of the final days of Google’s RSS aggregation service,” Engadget reports. “The service, which uses the same API as Reader, is planning a public beta starting on June 26th.”

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Samsung One-Ups Apple With Jay-Z Promo
The Wall Street Journal
What’s one way for Samsung to steal cool points from Apple? Feature Jay-Z in an ad, and then give away 1 million copies of the rapper’s next album 72 hours ahead of its official release date on July 4. “The users are to receive the music through an app they’ll receive later this month,” The Wall Street Journal’s Speakeasy blog reports. “Samsung paid $5 apiece for the albums,” it writes, citing a source.

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Yahoo! in Talks to Acquire Tumblr: Deal Could Reach As High As $1 Billion

Yahoo! in Talks to Acquire Tumblr: Deal Could Reach As High As $1 Billion (Adweek)
Is Marissa Mayer about to make a game-changing acquisition? It appears so. Yahoo! is in serious talks with Tumblr to acquire the social blogging site, according to multiple sources familiar with the talks. While its revenue is modest, Tumblr has positioned itself as one of the few players in the digital ad world that is well-suited for brand advertising. And Tumblr is also the domain of the young, cool and creative crowd — not currently a Yahoo! sweet spot. AllThingsD Earlier this week, Yahoo! CFO Ken Goldman spoke at JPMorgan’s Global Technology conference and underscored the need for the aging Silicon Valley Internet giant to attract more users from the coveted 18-to-24-years-old age bracket. Along with more marketing, he explicitly said Yahoo! needed to be “cool again.” The Verge Since taking control of Yahoo!, Mayer has pursued a string of acquisitions, including Summly, Astrid, Jybe and others. In addition to the failed Dailymotion acquisition, the company has also been rumored to be looking at Hulu, although Mayer has previously said that the company is shopping for smaller targets valued in the $100 million range.

NY Post Buyouts Focus on ‘Loyal Soldiers… Highest Paid’ (Capital New York)
The New York Post stands to lose a sizable chunk of its longstanding institutional memory as newsroom employees who were offered buyouts last week decide whether or not to jump ship with exit packages. A list of around 10 Post journalists who are said to have been offered buyouts has been circulating among veterans of the tabloid. Those on the list are mostly older, longtime reporters and editors.

It’s Moving Day for Miami Herald Staff, Reporters (CBS Miami)
Moving trucks were parked along the walk in front of One Herald Plaza Thursday, as the Miami Herald passed its last day in the building it has known as home for half a decade. It was moving day.