How to Optimize for Facebook Graph Search

Graph Search allows users to search for the best places to grab a bite, buy insurance, get an oil change and everything in-between. Search uses an algorithm that leverages a person’s social connections with brands and businesses to source results.As well as answering a user’s query, Graph Search offers third-party recommendations from trusted sources (the user’s Facebook friends).The number of Likes on your business’s Facebook page are more important than ever. More Likes translate to higher Graph Search results.

Here are three ways to boost your Likes and optimize for Graph Search. Many customers will Like your Facebook page if you just ask. Include a call to action in your newsletters, updates, email, and other communications. Don’t be afraid to ask current and past customers to visit your page. People who already know your brand are a great source of new Likes.
Incentivize Offer a 10 percent discount to fans and let them know first when you have a sale or offer. Consider a weekly prize drawing of a gift card for one customer who Liked your page this week. Whatever you offer, let people know how they benefit from Liking your page.

Make it easy If Liking your page requires too much time and effort, customers won’t do it. People don’t proactively seek brands to Like on Facebook. Provide clear, visible links to your Facebook page in your emails, on your website, on your blog, and wherever else you create content. Once your Likes start growing, keep encouraging fans to interact in other ways, like tagging your business in posts and photos. The more interactions, the higher you will appear in Graph Search results and reach new customers.

Staffing For The Future

As your company grows and evolves, periodically take an honest look at your employees to see if their goals match your company’s mission and vision. If they don’t, it may be time to reevaluate. Remember that staffing changes are a natural part of growth for any small business.